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Swedish singer HOPE healed by Jesus

She has not been unwell since.

Being afraid to fall in love

Byron Juane opens up about his experience.

Stormzy promotes diversity

His actions have inspired people around the world.

Kanye West is running for president

His policies oppose capital punishment and police brutality.

Music becomes a lifeline for millions

Develop new skills in lockdown by playing instruments.

Stuck at home on the internet

James Gardin's new single has a whole new meaning since lockdown.

The global concert raising money to beat Covid-19

An A-list line-up with big names like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Hudson, and Coldplay.

Rocking out online

Rocking out online

26th Jun 2020

Contagion Fest 2020, the virtual music festival.

Music is the backbone of every culture

M1's reggae songs are getting international notice.

'Words can be life-giving or destructive'

The meaning behind DENS' Taming Tongues’ album.

'Our society needs more hope-filled songs'

Switch makes music that people can connect with.

What I learned from being robbed

PhillyTF lost his money and possessions.

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