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Bright Ones: Shine bright

8th Sep 2021
Tags: Music News

Californian Christian music collective Bright Ones released their two tracks “Never Gonna Stop” and “You’re Gonna Be OK” in April 2018. These tracks have been added to our xRhythms playlist. 

These tracks were released as part of the “Bright Ones” album release on the 27th April that year under the label of Bethel Music. Bright Ones themselves operate under the banner of the Bethel Music Collective out of Redding, California as a youth project from Bethel church.

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As well as the album release both “Never Gonna Stop” and “You’re Gonna Be OK” were included in the soundtrack for the musical film “Bright Ones” released a year later in April 2019. Co-written and co-directed by Fred Vassallo and David Noroña, the film follows a group of performing arts students who are challenged to make a showcase about how they were created to shine. 

Peyton Allen, Bethel worship collective member and cast member for the film, has talked top Cross Rhythms about his experience when filming, “The whole movie felt like a family, as opposed to a lot of Hollywood movies where you have to get cast and you don't know anybody. When we shot the movie, everybody already knew each other; we already were close."

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