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Battling lymes to singing God’s praise

6th Sep 2021
Tags: Music News Coby James Pop

North Carolina native singer-songwriter Coby James released his track “Whatever” in August last year and has been added to our xRhythms playlist alongside his other track “Infinite”. 

The lyrics of this track are faith inspired, talking about being focused so much on what the single person wants but overcoming that and submitting to God’s chosen path for that person “Whatever you want, whatever you say / It's yes and amen, have your way / Wherever you go, I'm going along / God it's whatever, whatever you want.”

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Born and raised near Raleigh, North Carolina, Coby James had his writing debut at the age of seven, and became obsessed with the idea of song writing when he turned fifteen. Whilst his influences are very wide ranging, his website attributes his guitar skills to trying to emulate guitarist John Mayer, trying to copy each embellishment and chord. 

He was diagnosed with ADHD and battled Lyme disease.

When he was younger he was diagnosed with ADHD and battled Lyme disease, which involved many antibiotics and IV treatments to combat. On his website, James has gone into depth about how much those events have influenced his writing. 

“I feel like I’ve definitely been through the wringer in a way,” he begins, “but God used those things that I went through to give me something to talk about and a layer of depth that I can dig into when I’m writing.”

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