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The TikTok famous Goodboys

13th Sep 2021
Tags: Music News Goodboys Pop

London dance trio Goodboys have been added to our xRhythms playlist with their feature on the track “Piece of Your Heart”, which was released on the 1st February 2019. 

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The track was released by Italian crew Meduza under the banner of Virgin Records, the same label that Goodboys release under. The track was written as a collaboration between the two groups.  

Talking to Hillsong Collected, Josh Grimmett recalls how the collab came to be. “I was writing some songs with two friends from church, Connor Manning and Nathan Cross. We sent them across to Matt from Meduza and then maybe around six months later, when they came over to London from Italy, they said, ‘Hey, we should hook up and write some songs together’. It was super random, but that’s how it all began.” 

Following this first release, they released a second track in October of the same year entitled “Lose Control” as lead artists, featuring Meduza and Becky Hill. They have also released a track called “Bongo Cha Cha Cha” this year, which has gone viral as a trending sound on the app TikTok.

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