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We are all complex people

30th Aug 2021
Tags: Music News Branan Murphy Pop

Pop artist and singer-songwriter Branan Murphy released his single “Good” on the 22nd July this year. It has been added to our playlist alongside his tracks “I Will Wait” and “This World is Not my Home”. 

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This particular track has a strong faith-based focus in its theme and lyrics. The track is telling of a seemingly personal story of discovering a transformative redemption from a hard past that still hurts “I know You can see in the dark / Finding out You never waste a broken heart / 'Cuz everything meant for evil You turn to good…” 

Hailing from Louisville in the state of Georgia, Branan began his writing and performing journey by playing in church. Real name Henry “Hank” Branan he began his professional career at age 18, touring the United States, releasing two solo projects as well. 

We are all complex people. We have struggles.

On his website Branan talks about what his aims are when he is writing his songs. “We are all complex people. We have struggles. We have contradictions. We have deep desires. We are all seeking to be loved, understood and satisfied. My songs attempt to capture those deep emotional, even spiritual, yearnings we have as human beings.”

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