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About xRhythms

The young person’s guide to living life to the full

xRhythms is a uniquely new Visual Radio station with vlogs and blogs created by young people, for young people. Our content covers everything relevant to a young person, such as lifestyle, mental health, hobbies, education, music, and ambition.

We seek to positively transform the lives of young people by sharing uplifting entertainment, and speaking openly about the issues that affect our day-to-day living, from a Christian worldview. We offer help with social, emotional and spiritual issues that young people face daily. 

Using vlogs, blogs, interviews, articles, music videos, and other types of video content, we explore these issues and offer comprehensive advice that others can relate to.

Similarly, we point them towards other organisations who can help and support them in their well-being. We've looked through YouTube and found great videos created by other influencers that we've enjoyed watching. Their messages were very powerful to us, and so we share the best of their videos with others through our Visual Radio station. 

Along with this, music is also a big part of our lives. On our Visual Radio station, we share music videos by artists who produce uplifting and relatable songs. We regularly post list articles and update our Spotify playlists with their songs, so you can follow us and keep up with their life-changing tunes.

We work with a fantastic group of young contributors who desire to see this positive change in the lives of other young people. We continuously empower this group of bloggers, journos, and video producers, to share their hearts and message with others through media.

If you are 18-29 years old, a Christian, and would like to apply to be a contributor, click here. We’d love to hear from you! 


xRhythms is an initiative from Cross Rhythms, for young people in the UK 

Cross Rhythms is a media organisation based in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. Since 1983, they have been using media to share Christian truths and the love of God to the UK and beyond. 

They now have two FM radio stations in UK cities, an online radio station for Palestinian Arab youth, and a community website covering the latest music and life.

Cross Rhythms also provides training for the next generation of media voices and local disadvantaged youth. Through this, Cross Rhythms will continue to release and support xRhythms contributors to reach their generation. These young leaders will be trained and transformed to be this generation’s presenters, video producers, bloggers, journos, social media experts and digital outreach team.


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