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Two decades of music

Image Credit: Shore Fire Media Press

23rd Sep 2021
Tags: Music News Switchfoot Rock

Californian rock band Switchfoot have been added to our XRhythms playlist with their track “On Fire”, which was originally released in 2003 as part of their album “The Beautiful Letdown”. 

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The lyrics in this chilled out more acoustic track focus on a faith based theme of God offering a new chance and another option from the expected norm, “Give me one more time around / Give me one more chance to see / Give me everything you are / Give me one more chance to be near you.” 

The album “The Beautiful Letdown” was their first album released under Columbia Records/SonyBMG and their first foray into the mainstream music industry after their music had featured on a film entitled “A Walk To Remember”. 

The San Diego group was originally formed with the moniker Chin Up in 1996 with frontman Jon Foreman, bassist Tim Foreman and drummer Chad Butler. They were signed under Re:Think Records who ended up being bought by Sparrow Records. 

It's a dream come true to be able to have songs that are outside of the box.

Originally the group weren’t happy with how their music was marketed. Frontman Jon Foreman has discussed his experience with this and striking the balance with Columbia Records. “When Sparrow bought Re:think Records, it was evident that our music wasn't going to be in the hands of everybody,” he recalls. “As a Christian, I have a lot to say within the walls of the church. But also, as a Christian, I've got a lot to say just about life in general ... So to be able to be on Columbia and on Sparrow felt like the realization of the two sides of what we had to say. It's a dream come true to be able to have songs that are outside of the box.”

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