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We’re choosing joy

1st Sep 2021
Tags: Music News Apollo LTD Pop

American electro pop duo Apollo LTD released their track “Misfits” in February 2019 as part of their debut album “Out Of Body”. This track has been added to our xRhythms playlist alongside their other tracks “Gold” and “One in a Million”. 

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In this particular track, the lyrics explore the feelings of trying to follow societal norms instead of embracing yourself and being who you are, “They told us we were misfits / Only on the outside looking in / We know that the truth is We were really meant to be, meant to be like this…” 

Based in Nashville Tennessee Apollo LTD first launched in 2015, being named after the NASA space missions that first put a man on the moon. Releasing their debut album “Out of Body” in 2019, bandmates Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark earned themselves a Top 40 hit with their track “Gold” and a Dove Awards nomination for Best Rock Album. 

2020 was a year that created a lot of anxiety in all of us.

Their second album entitled “Nothing is Ordinary, Everything is Beautiful”, released on the 5th February this year, was mostly written and produced during the 2020 COVID pandemic and lockdown. On their website Jordan has explained the direction that the album has gone in the face of those events, “2020 was a year that created a lot of anxiety in all of us, but with these songs, we’re choosing joy in the midst of chaos. Things can still be beautiful, even if they aren’t ordinary. The thread is hope.”

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