'My biggest personal struggle has been identity'

Ada Betsabe's spiritual quest.

From no music experience to a signed record deal

5ive: 'It was definitely a God thing.'

I don't compare myself to other rappers

James Gardin's alternative perspective on rap.

Gil Joe's passion for Afrobeats

They got to know Jesus through my music.

Accepting the gifts God has given me

Paul Russell is breaking through to rap bigtime.

Speak life through music

Speak life through music

23rd Dec 2019

Pettidee's changing lives with his music.

Judah & The Lion's new collaborations

The band has a fascinating presence in the alternative music landscape.

Becoming a singer, songwriter, and rapper

V.Rose turned down Sony Music's record deal.

A random hero could be anyone

Random Hero talk about being intentional with others.

Kanye West connects with God

Keep your eye on the beauty, the love and the grace of God.

What is the ultimate trap for us all?

Derek Minor's insight into a rapper's life.

Diviner, a Greek rock band

'Against The Grain' playing now on xRhythms.

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