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Transparency and hope in rap music

Image Credit: Armond Wakeup, Illect Records

16th Jan 2020
Tags: Music News Armond WakeUp Rap

Armond Wakeup is a rapper with roots in California, Missouri, Hawaii, Colorado, and Ohio.

His 'Woke' single, which he recorded in collaboration with his friend and producer Ess Be, has just gone on to the xRhythms playlist.

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Armond wrote his first rhyme at age seven and currently works at Advance Church in Columbus. Down the years he’s worked with many producers, but it’s Ess Be who is now a fixture for Armond’s creative flows.

Recording steadily for Illect Records, he’s made a stream of hot songs. 

I’m a disciple, father, creative and trailblazer.

He told the faithfullymagazine website, “I’m a disciple, father, creative and trailblazer and I’m proud of all four of those titles. My music is affected by all four of those things, they 100 percent inform my worldview.”

One of the things he is particularly passionate about is being transparent and ensuring that he lives out what he raps. He said, “Transparency is something you have to be careful with because for some people it can become an idol."

Transparency and hope in his music.

And although transparency can be good, he makes sure to couple it with hope in his music. "When you realise you need God," he continues, "it allows you to not own your own life. The power of the Gospel is evident in our own sin. I’m human but God is still faithful in my humanity.”

When not rapping, Armond is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in social work and also runs an apparel company called Kairos Culture.

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The father of two amazing children, he said he really wants to “die empty” and to “be the light in a dark world.” A great ambition.

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