'My biggest personal struggle has been identity'

Ada Betsabe's spiritual quest.

From no music experience to a signed record deal

5ive: 'It was definitely a God thing.'

I don't compare myself to other rappers

James Gardin's alternative perspective on rap.

Becoming a singer, songwriter, and rapper

V.Rose turned down Sony Music's record deal.

Kanye West connects with God

Keep your eye on the beauty, the love and the grace of God.

What is the ultimate trap for us all?

Derek Minor's insight into a rapper's life.

Peabod's latest project

Peabod's latest project

25th Nov 2019

'Backpack' was my opportunity to experiment.

Jesus is King - album review


Jesus is King - album review

Everyone is talking about Kayne West's latest album.

Transform's party with a difference

I just want to be dope and inspire people.

Keasha Beard is Queenin'

My music tells the story of my life.

God is king like Mufasa

God is king like Mufasa

30th Sep 2019

Kurtis Hoppie raps fast and true.

Cory Cifax's honest single 'Sauce'

A natural fit for any summer 19’ rap playlist.

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