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Tedashii’s journey to Jesus

20th Oct 2020
Tags: Music News Tedashii Rap

Texas-based hip hop artist Tedashii is known on xRhythms for his songs “Riot”, “Envy”, “He Lives”, “Dum Dum”, and many others.

As one of Reach Record’s artists, he is also affiliated with popular artists like Lecrae and Sho Baraka as he is part of the 116 Clique. 

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What you might not know about the artist of Samoan origins is that he did not always want to become a Christian artist. Growing up, Tedashii was raised to take a lot of responsibility and work hard to help his family.

In a video by Remedy Live, Tedashii revealed that a couple of months into university, a complete stranger who had overheard his conversation with his friends told him he was living in sin.

His life started falling apart.

He initially rejected this but when his life started falling apart a few weeks later, losing his place at university and living through personal struggles, he saw the stranger again and had a conversation with him.

During this conversation, the stranger said something that struck Tedashii: “God wants a relationship with you.” This resonated with him so much that he dropped to his knees and started praying. That’s when Tedashii’s life changed.

He credits his relationship with God for helping him cope in hardships, including losing his one-year-old son in 2013.

He has used music to express himself. His 2014 album ‘Below Paradise’ was inspired by the passing of his son, and which debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

His newest album ‘Never Fold’ celebrates life in the midst of adversity.

His newest album ‘Never Fold’ celebrates life in the midst of adversity and encourages people not to give up, which becomes particularly relevant during this pandemic. 

According to Reach Records, this album demonstrates Tedashii’s commitment to making an impact despite the unpredictability of our cultural climate.

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