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Stuck at home on the internet

Image Credit: James Gardin

7th Jul 2020
Tags: Music News James Gardin Rap

The Michigan-based rapper James Gardin has enjoyed lots of airtime on xRhythms in the past with hits like “Complaining”, “Chitown Boogie”, and “Joy”.

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Gardin has released five new singles this year, “Pretty Painting”, “Parade”, “Lovely”, “Diamond in the Rough”, and “Most My Friends are Stuck on the Internet”.

The artist discusses the latter three, and his hit single “Complaining”, in a recent ‘Testimony Stories’ podcast. He breaks down the meaning of the four songs and the stories behind them.

Most My Friends are Stuck on the Internet.

The rapper wrote his new single, “Most My Friends are Stuck on the Internet”, over a year ago. However, it has taken on a whole new meaning since lockdown started.

Originally, the song was about people lacking real connection, because even when they hang out with friends, they’re still on their phones. Now, the song seems very timely, because we’re all stuck inside and spend most of our time online.

Third party content may contain adverts beyond the control of xRhythms

Commenting on his song’s relevance, Gardin says, “We can’t be in person so we have to use technology, so in a different way, we’re stuck on the internet.” He does admit that we still need real interaction as well as the digital interaction.

Since most of our real-life interaction is still limited, we have to find alternative ways of staying in touch with family and friends while also having fun.

Internet traffic has been up 20 percent since lockdown.

Unsurprisingly, people have turned to the internet with millions of apps. That’s why internet traffic has been up 20 percent since lockdown started, according to the Financial Times, and your internet might have been laggy or dropped on occasion.

Choreographing TikTok dances and sending memes on Instagram has certainly been a popular option to fight off the boredom.

TikTok dance
Image Credit: Tenor

According to the BBC, young people are spending over five hours a day online, with the most popular apps being TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

It might be worth doing a mini social media detox.

Since we’re spending so much time online, it might be worth doing a mini social media detox while we listen to Gardin’s latest singles.

He has been busy writing new songs during lockdown, and will be releasing a new single “I Just Started Loving Me” on July 10th.

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