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Rap songs not about money

Image Credit: Steven Malcolm

7th Feb 2020
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America continues to turn out an impressive flurry of hip-hop artists who are determined to rap about spiritual riches rather than bling. xRhythms playlisted rapper Steven Malcolm is one of the most popular ones.

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The emcee from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been streamed over 11.5 million times.

His albums ‘Steven Malcolm’ (2016) and ‘The Second City’ (2017) sold well. One of the most powerful songs on the latter album is 'The Struggle'.

I want people to find themselves in my music.

When asked by the Jesus Freak Hideout website whether it was hard to open up about his struggles on a recording, Steven said not at all. He responded, “I want people to find themselves in my music. It's the music that we can relate to and that draws us in, so my struggles are a lot of other people's as well.

Steven acknowledges that music has made him an open book, and his lyrics have helped others know that they are not alone. 

He spends days and weeks crafting his lyrics, but he’s very aware that in our modern scene they can be ignored.

We live in a generation where it’s not about the lyrics anymore.

He told New Release Today website, “Literally, we live in a generation where it’s not about the lyrics anymore. Now, it’s focused on the vibe... It’s something, that’s how you distinguish your real fans.”

His early life, when Steven worked as a worship pastor at a church in Grand Rapids, has been very influential. He told Vents magazine, “My upbringing is all I want to talk about nowadays. My story, my journey, my life, my music. Much more to come. I’ve only tapped into the surface.”

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