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This song will get you out of bed in the morning

14th Feb 2020
Tags: Music News Depression Hope Cephas Rap

'New Day' is the latest addition to the xRhythms playlist. It comes from a Cleveland-based rapper called Cephas and is the first single from his debut mixtape, ‘We Will Go Sessions’.

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His radio hit was produced by the wonderfully named Damu The Fudgemunk. 

Justin Sarachik writing for Rapzilla.com commented, “The song features a classic golden era vibe and sounds very uplifting right from the start. This soulful soundscape paired with Cephas’s witty lyrics and catchy hook makes ‘New Day’ the type of song you find yourself singing along after the music stops.” 

God used the process of writing this song to help me heal.

Cephas said he wrote the song “to encourage myself to get out of bed in the morning. "The lyrics were written to help me get out of a prolonged period of traumatic depression where at times I became suicidal. God used the process of writing this song to help me heal.” 

Suffered from emotional damage.

Cephas’ depression and emotional damage came after discovering his pastor and mentor of 10 years was secretly sexually molesting and raping members of the church.

Cephas explained the lyrics for 'New Day' were born out of a time alone with God, seeking restoration: “The hook came to me out of thin air. I was feeling super grateful that day and in my encouraged state yelled out ‘It’s a new day!’ then boom. . . I felt the peaceful rush of God’s presence and knew I was onto something.”

Cephas has built a name for himself.

In the crowded Christian hip-hop scene, Cephas has built a name for himself as a producer, combining vintage vibes with modern sonics.

Alongside that, he’s been a back deejay for hip-hop star NF at Creationfest, was the headlining turntablist on two occasions for the Love Is Red conference, working with such acts as KB, Tedashii, Thousand Foot Krutch and with the Jabbawockeez dance crew for the Pulse Cleveland Crusade.

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