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Social Club Misfits in the making

14th May 2019
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xRhythms followers will be impressed by the news that two of Christian music's hottest acts, rappers Social Club Misfits (with over 105 million global streams and 140k global career album consumption) and worship leader Crowder (whose three solo albums have made one, one and two on the US Christian charts), have collaborated on the song 'Testify'. 

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Social Club Misfits are Miami-based duo, Fernando Miranda and Martin Santiago, and they have come a long way since they formed in 2011.

In a testimony video, Fern, whose parents are church leaders, spoke about what he called the lost decade of his life. 

In the video, Fern reports he was messing around with drugs and hustling to make money. On an evening, some enemies of his friends burst into his apartment and held a gun at his face while they raided the apartment. The problem wasn’t with Fern, so he was allowed to live. 

In his second week in prison, he went to the chapel.

But then he was sent to the South Florida Reception Center in Doral for three years for cocaine trafficking. In his second week in prison, he went to the chapel. 

He testified, “The first thing I wanted to do was run to the pulpit and I threw myself on the floor face first and I started weeping. During this time, I would ask God during that if he would spare me, I would give him my life forever.”

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His family visited him every weekend. When he was released, his fiancée — who had waited for him through three years of jail — drove him home. His boss gave him his old job back. He married his fiancée. (They now have two kids.) 

His father’s church gave a banquet for him. During Sunday service, he was called to the front. His father gave him a ring and a purple robe — just like the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible.

I thought my life was over.

“They just honoured me,” Fern said. “The whole church prayed for me and welcomed me back to the family. It was one of the most amazing days of my life because I thought my life was over.”

Fern’s story is reflected in the lyrics to the song Testify:

"I was falling apart when Heaven rescued me
Recovered my heart, I want the world to see
I can testify, testify

From the comforts of my home to a jail cell
Tried to break me down, but their plan failed
I remember like yesterday still clear as day
When I felt I had my whole future stripped away".

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