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'My biggest personal struggle has been identity'

Image Credit: Aarón Blanco Tejedor

20th Jan 2020
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Rapper Ada Betsabe is currently enjoying a couple of xRhythms hits with 'God Baby (Feroz)' and 'Corazon'.

One of the 10 women to watch in hip-hop.

Influential hip-hop website Rapzilla recently named her one of the 10 women to watch in hip-hop, and it’s easy to hear why.

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Born in the Dominican Republic and growing up in Bronx, New York, Ada has packed in an extraordinary amount in her 26 years. Her raps, half in Spanish, half in English, have led to tours not only in the USA but in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and Columbia.  

Ada’s childhood and early teens were hugely influenced by the church she attended, which was pastored by her father.

Ada turned her back on Christianity.

But disillusioned by the behind-the-scenes compromise that she saw, Ada turned her back on Christianity when she was 14.

She later took up rapping at college, adding her raps to the 2Pac and Biggie Small hits she heard on the radio. Her reputation as a rapper around Baltimore grew and grew. 

She was very much a “party animal” enjoying heavy drinking, large amounts of marijuana, and had started a lesbian relationship.

Urged on by her flatmate she went to Los Angeles to try and land a record deal, and because of her talent, a music industry insider got her a spot to attend a major industry conference. Ada impressed everyone and was offered a multi-million dollar recording contract.

The music industry people wanted her to participate in black magic rituals.

But at the very point of signing, she discovered the industry people with whom she was about to sign were Satanists who wanted her to participate in black magic rituals.

Terrified, she left the meeting without a deal and back in the hotel room asked the Holy Spirit to bring her protection and gave her life to God.

Later, back in Baltimore, her relationship with her flatmate came to an end and she too became a Christian. 

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Now Ada is adamant that she will rap only for the living God. She told the God Reports website, “My biggest personal struggle has been identity and staying grounded on who God says I am and being faithful to the path he’s already written for me.” 

An overwhelming spiritual quest.

Ada’s spiritual quest has been “super overwhelming.” She hopes to one day write a book and produce a “dope” movie.

With such an extraordinary story, tit's likely her hope, will one day come to pass.

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