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Keasha Beard is Queenin'

Image Credit: EPK, press images

4th Nov 2019
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Currently playing on xRhythms are two tracks by one of the best female rappers on the scene. 

Keasha Beard’s ‘Nectar (ft Smiley D)’ and ‘Queenin' (ft Dice Gamble, B Angelique)’ demonstrate the clever and articulate flows on the Seattle-based emcee’s 'Different' EP.

Her biography speaks about her "emerging from a past of addiction and darkness", when after a dramatic conversion, Keasha began to use her rapping skills.

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In 2016, she released the album 'Memoirs Of A Keasha' followed by the mixtape 'Transform'. Two years later, Keasha released the album 'Soul Food'.

Keasha has now established a Seattle-based entertainment company.

With the release of 'Different', Keasha has now established a Seattle-based entertainment company, Favoured And Fearless. They will concentrate primarily on music, but will take in other forms of media, like the performing arts, theatre, and books.

There is a serious spiritual purpose behind all the singer/rapper's creative activity.

Keasha Beard smiling
Keasha Beard
Image Credit: EPK, press images

She recently told Rap Remnant website, "I am a living witness of the Lord's grace and mercy. I get the privilege of knowing his love. It would be foolish not to share this with others. I want everyone to know this kind of relationship with the creator of the universe.”

I want to bring joy and hope to people.

“I know what it's like to feel broken and empty,” she continued, “so I want to do everything I can to represent God and his eternal freedom. I want to bring joy and hope to people."

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