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Justin Bieber: Freedom on all platforms

29th Apr 2021
Tags: Music News Justin Bieber Pop Rap

Canadian pop musician Justin Bieber released a new EP entitled ‘Freedom’ on April 4th, Easter Sunday.

This surprise six-track release features a handful of artists.

Coming barely two weeks after his previous music venture, the album ‘Justice’ which was released on 19th March, this surprise six-track release features a handful of artists, including BEAM and Tori Kelly who both appeared on Biebers sixth album ‘Justice’ on the tracks “Love You Different” and “Names” respectively.

Topping off this unusual outing, the pop star made the announcement on Twitter, simply stating “Freedom on all platforms” followed by a link and a screenshot of “Freedom.” typed into the notes app on his phone.

Since his coming to faith in 2014, Justin has openly talked about his faith. Saying in an interview with Complex, “At this point, my faith has gotten me to where I am. My faith has brought me to a whole other level. I love talking about my faith.”

This mind set seems clear cut throughout his EP, featuring messages like comfort in the face of uncertainty in “Where Do I Fit In?” (“Where do I fit in? /But then You remind me that You're holding me tight /You say the past is behind me /And it'll be alright…”).

He also spreads his belief on Instagram.

These thoughts aren’t just kept for his music either. Amongst his posts about ice hockey and advertisements for live shows he also spreads his belief on Instagram, encouraging his followers with words such as “You could never be more loved than right now!”

With all that said and done, Justin continues to pump out hit after hit whilst showing the world he is not the same immature boy he once was. He’s standing strong with his faith and his new attitude.

The ‘Freedom’ EP is available now on all platforms along side his album ‘Justice’.

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