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Josiah Lowe: I Got the Answer

17th Aug 2021
Tags: Music News Josiah Lowe Hip-hop Rap

American rapper Josiah Lowe has released a single called “Standard” on the 19th April this year and it has been added to our xRhythms Playlist. 

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This track talks about holding himself to different standards, referring to God’s standards and referencing basketball player Allen ‘The Answer’ Iverson as part of his understanding, “Keeping me in check got some manners/ Hanging all my Bruce like a banner/ Allen Iverson I got the answer/ We don’t need the rules just check His standards.” 

Josiah Lowe has also recently released an EP entitled “Food Fair” on the 5th March this year with an artist known as YJO under the banner of Enoch Flow Records. This EP consists of tracks titled after foodstuffs. 

I truly fell in love with hip hop.

Currently based in Erie, Pennsylvania Lowe was used to moving around due to his parents being missionaries, preaching in poor communities and countries. On his website he talks about spending eight years living in New Orleans and how he discovered his passion for Hip Hop music, “I was surrounded by an incredible genre of music, and I truly fell in love with hip hop. The culture that I was surrounded by was like nothing else and I finally felt like I was at home.”

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