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I just started loving me

15th Sep 2020
Tags: Music News Self-worth James Gardin Rap

Michigan based rapper and regular on the xRhythms playlist, James Gardin, is known for combining “fun”, “energetic” melodies, and inspiring lyrics in his songs.

“Promise Land” and “Complaining” are just two examples from his 15-year music career, which share messages of love and acceptance.

He has continued this theme in his latest release “Ijuststartedlovingme”, which dives into his experiences of doubt, self-love, and self-worth.

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Both in his music and on Twitter, Gardin is very vocal about his struggle with self-doubt and confidence. This being a problem that many UK teenagers also face.

A third of 14-17-year-olds struggle with their confidence.

In their 2015 survey, Sky found that around a third of 14-17-year-olds struggle with their confidence. Many of them also commenting that interactions on social media in particular “sapped” their self-esteem.

Encouraging his followers to be kinder to themselves, Gardin posted to Twitter: “it’s so dangerous to be the loudest voice discrediting yourself.”

Although “Ijuststartedlovingme” is mainly a celebration of the self-love that Gardin has found, he also mentions what it was like for him before he learned to look to himself for love and acceptance.

Especially, he notes how early these kinds of thoughts can take hold.

Referring to his childhood, the rapper continued, “I was conditioned to think it was rude to be loud and proud.”

He was stuck in a cycle of doubting and discouraging himself.

In a video posted to Twitter, Gardin spoke about his experience of being stuck in a cycle of doubting and discouraging himself.

He describes at times comparing himself to others and feeling inadequate and undeserving of the things he wanted.

However, Gardin advises his followers not to let “doubt or self-talk win the battle in your head”, and to accept the support of those close to them. 

James continues to use his voice, both in music and on Twitter, to share positive and important messages.

Currently unable to perform live shows, Gardin has begun livestreaming ‘Super Clean Sundays’, where he performs a mixture of new and old records and answers fan questions.

He produces and performs clean freestyle raps.

Gardin has also started uploading a new weekly video series, ‘Super clean raps’ to YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. In these videos, he produces and performs clean freestyle raps.

On top of all that, he is already teasing new music to be released in September.

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