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Having a faith can make you creative

Image Credit: T Haddy

3rd Apr 2020
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It’s very common to see hip-hop and R&B rappers feature on each other’s songs these days.

Georgia-based singer, rapper, and producer T Haddy, who currently has an xRhythms radio hit of his own called ‘Fire Fire (ft Enlitement)’, has been a featured artist on dozens of songs for many years now. 

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In the earlier days before he started creating music, Haddy’s mother started a church when they lived in Atlanta. He told Cross Rhythms, “Without that happening, I don't know if I would've picked up the skills I did. She didn't have anyone to play the keyboard, she just bought me one and told me to learn.”

He has been active in the music scene.

Without knowing it, this practice kick-started Haddy’s drive for music. He released his hip-hop album 'Urban Worship' in 2011, and has been active in the music scene since. 

Last year he released a number of singles, including, ‘Reppin' In’, ‘Know I Ain't Leaving’, ‘The Heart Of The King’, 'Trap Gold', and the xRhythms hit ‘Fire Fire (ft Enlitement)’.

T Haddy
T Haddy
Image Credit: T Haddy

With years of recording experience, and the ability to make soulful R&B songs and rap in different styles, T Haddy has a unique overview of the music scene in America today.

Bruno Mars' producers are church guys.

He continued, “When you really do your digging you'll find out that producers responsible for a lot of megahits, a lot of pop stars, those guys come from the church. Bruno Mars' producers are church guys.”

Bruno mars dancing
Image Credit: Giphy

While speaking to Cross Rhythms, Haddy highlighted that his cousin’s success in music had influenced his perspective on the music scene. “Just being in and around the industry, and being around those people, he was able to enlighten me that a lot of movers and shakers, people who are producing the music, usually come from the church."

His faith has influenced his creativity.

T Haddy's music might not sound like the traditional gospel track, but you can certainly see how his faith has influenced his creativity.

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