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God showed up in the most unexpected place

Image Credit: Joe Yates

14th Jun 2019
Tags: Music News Father God Relationships Dusty Marshall Rap

Now hitting the xRhythms playlist is Dusty Marshall’s 'Art Of The Enemy'.

Las Vegas-based Dusty may have a name suitable for an old school country and western single, but his music could hardly be more different.

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Dusty shows himself to be a powerful rapper as he depicts his downward spiral into isolation and sin. 

The emcee spoke about his early life. “I dealt with resentment and abandonment issues, especially toward women. I never felt like I was good enough to be loved, because my own mother and father had not even loved me enough to take care of me, and sold me to another family who could. This distorted view of love caused me to build up walls that shielded me from experiencing true intimacy most of my life.

My life seemed hopeless, until one day God showed up.

"With these walls built, I thought I could protect myself from ever being abandoned again by someone who claimed to love me. This further lead me into darkness, depravity and sin. My life seemed hopeless, until one day God showed up in the most unexpected place, a woman."

Dusty talks about how God used a special woman to show him his character and introduce him to the gospel message. She expressed a love and kindness to Dusty that made an impact on his faith.

God was using her to help draw me closer to him.

"She introduced me to the Gospel message, she also stood by me through some of the darkest times in my life when there was nothing for her in return. While she was not perfect in herself, God was using her to help draw me closer to him. I realize now it was the Holy Spirit working through her, but at the time I only knew it as her love, devotion and kindness.”

That woman later became Dusty’s wife, and they now travel the country with their two children sharing the message of God’s love that is sacrificial and selfless. 

Now his new track, like his other recent single produced by Spechouse and MarkIIBeats, delivers some sound advice about not allowing the devil to turn us into driven workaholics. He says, “Work, work, work got to hustle got to grind / Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind”.

If you ain’t taking time to pray then you ain’t doing nothing.

At its close, the penny finally drops. He raps, “My pastor told me to be still and know God’s God – ‘wat’s up pastor’. If I don’t get rest even work for the Lord will end in disaster. So you ain’t got to move faster, just be still and watch the Lord move something. To be honest if you ain’t taking time to pray then you ain’t doing nothing”.

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