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This is what a free life feels like

Image Credit: GodFrame

21st Feb 2020
Tags: Music News GodFrame Pop Rap

If you speak Spanish you’ll know that “La Vida Libre” means “the Free Life”.

It’s also the title of the recently playlisted song by Atlanta-based rapper, singer and producer, GodFrame.

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'La Vida Libre (ft Meghan Rice)' has, according to GodFrame, two aims: to make people dance and to spread the Gospel.

Speaking about the latter, he said, “When I think about the truth that I’m no longer dead in sin but alive in Christ, I can’t help but get crazy. I wanted listeners to experience that same surge of energy in this song.”

GodFrame’s radio hit appears on his third album.

GodFrame’s radio hit appears on his third album, ‘Hello Jesus’, which followed on from ‘Freedom’ (2008) and ‘You Are Infinite’ (2010).

GodFrame, aka Terrence Ford, has had a passion for music from a young age. He started beat-boxing and drumming on pots and pans, and later learned the piano and saxophone.

Hello Jesus Album
'Hello Jesus' Album
Image Credit: GodFame

He’s had to overcome fatherlessness, pornography addiction, suicidal thoughts and more. But after coming to Christ, he decided to use his talent to take listeners on a transparent journey through his own stories, while melodically rapping and singing over a variety of genre-bending, pop-rap beats. 

If God can change me, he can anybody.

He said, “If God can change me, he can anybody. I want people to know that no matter who they are, where they're from, or what mistakes they've made, God loves them unconditionally.”

GodFrame proclaims that his aim is to help people understand their identity, purpose, and relationships, through the lens of the gospel.

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