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This drill song is making a positive impact

5th Jul 2021
Tags: Music News Hope Dealers Rap

London based Drill crew Hope Dealers have been featured on the xRhythms playlist with their track “Postcode Gods and God”. 

Hope Dealers are considered pioneers in the genre known as Gospel Drill, combining the tracks of drill with lyrical content similar to that of gospel music performed in a rap style. 

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The group, whose tagline is “Dealing hope to the lost”, rap as part of the leadership team at the SPAC Nation church in London to roughly a thousand church-goers.

In an ITV article, Nathan Oki, one of the Hope Dealers crew and a pastor at SPAC Nation, has talked about how the combination of drill music and gospel messages reach young people in similar situations to where the crew started.

“For many of us we’ve had to have someone grab our hand and say 'Come, here’s a different route'. But without that you’re just thinking 'How do I survive in this jungle?'" 

Another pastor named Alex has also weighed in on the conversation on helping that demographic, “Your scope is already small in life - what we try and do is take them out of that scope and expose them to the opportunities of life.”

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