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Communicating spiritual truths through rap music

Image Credit: José Kelly

25th Mar 2020
Tags: Music News Jose Kelly Rap

José Kelly is a 23-year-old rapper whose "Getting Started" single is currently on the xRhythms playlist.

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Born and brought up in Mozambique, Africa, he has experienced a considerable culture shock since relocating to Oxford. He spoke to Cross Rhythms about how different the lifestyle in Mozambique is compared to the UK. 

“The lifestyle is much slower," he said, "There’s more time for you to sit down and reflect on things in Mozambique.” 

I wanted my friends to experience my faith.

He explained how he got into rapping. “I wanted my friends to experience my faith but a lot of them would refuse to listen to Hillsong and the more traditional church music.

“I couldn’t find anybody who made music that they could relate to,” he continued, “so I felt in my heart that I was to step in between and be that person.” 

The stream of singles and albums, ‘Lost Heroes’ in 2017 and ‘I Once Was Lost’ in 2018, show that this hard-working rapper has lost none of his zeal to communicate spiritual truth. He started working on his music from his home in Oxford, and has now expanded upon his business.

He’s founded a record label called D/Hope Records.

He’s founded a record label called D/Hope Records. It’s a collective of singers, rappers, artists, and producers, who are actively making music and films in the creative arts scene. 

Something tells us we’ll be hearing a lot more from this rapper/entrepreneur in the future.

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