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Basketball references and faith

Image Credit: Crossfya

23rd Jun 2021
Tags: Music News Crossfya Hip-hop Rap

Rap crew Crossfya released “Plan For Me” in March last year, which is on our playlist alongside their tracks “Too Much Juice” and “Holy Water”.

“Plan For Me” features a true rhythmic groove underpinning slick and consistent bars with many references to Basketball accompanied by two hooks, one instrumental and one lyrical “I can’t lose when I roll with you/ I know you got a plan for me.”

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On their website, Crossfya describes themselves as “A blend of rappers and singers from the UK” and identify their genres as a mix of future house, trap and dance music. With a large collection of artists under their banner their music is as varied as the people writing and performing it.

They use their music as a tool to inspire young people.

As a collective Crossfya have a strong Christian faith that shows through their lyrics and work. Whilst they still perform at large events they like to keep within reach of people by performing for young people at a grassroots level. They talk about how they “...use their music as a tool to inspire young people with a message of hope and positivity” on their website.

They also work under a charity called Make Jesus Known and offer a Faith Gang course that explores what faith is for those who want to learn more.

They also have an app called iTruth which has content exploring a lot of different topics with a faith aspect.

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