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Rejoice Mawire

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'I received a Christmas shoebox'

Visual Radio Interview Christmas Gratitude

Rejoice Mawire, 16th Dec 2019

Have you ever made a Christmas shoebox at school? Or maybe you're making some this week? 

We spoke to Rebeca Dimitrov who received a Christmas shoebox when she was a child and living in Romania.

"I had never received a wrapped Christmas present before! At Christmas we did not give and receive gifts; only the fruit that the church usually gave us.

I remember holding my shoebox so tightly with my frozen hands as I walked home through the snow, my heart pounding with excitement and anticipation.

When I got home and finally got to open it. In my shoebox was a photo of a family that packed my shoebox. It was so special to see their faces. They reminded me that in Christ we are all a big family.

Despite the difficulties I faced, of being treated like an outcast, this small shoebox demonstrated to me that I was not alone, that the world might alienate me but Jesus and his church all around the world were standing firm with me, demonstrating the love Jesus had for me.”

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