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'I go to God when I struggle with things'

Image Credit: Will Allen Press

Josh Kinghorn, 15th Jul 2021
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Will Allen goes deeper into his writing, his inspirations and his future.

Josh: Was there a specific moment in time when you realized that your writing seemed to match up to those of smaller artists? So you ended up thinking, Okay, I do feel like I can put this online. I do feel like I can share this with people. Was there a specific point? Or was it a slow increment?

Will: I would say more of a slow increment. I feel like what I try and do with my music is just listen to what I feel like God is saying. I know, that's quite a weird concept to a lot of people. But I just feel like you just listened to that still quiet voice and see what the next step is.

I started releasing covers online.

So I started releasing covers online and I still do that every week just to keep me going, keep listening to new songs, doing new things.

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I felt God say, “I've given you this gift. I've given you this passion. I've helped you write all these songs, but no one's heard one of them. What are you doing?” At that point, I had to up my game because I felt like God had done so much for me.  It was time to be brave.

Josh: How important is it to you that the song has a clear message? And is not just a song for the sake of a written song?

The lyrics are so important.

Will: I feel like for me, lyrics are so important. The kind of heart behind the song is really important. But everyone understanding every line and every lyric and what the hidden meaning is behind everything, I think is less important.

Will Allen
Will Allen

With the music that I write, you can listen to it and think, “Oh, that's a pop song, that's a love song, that's a rap song.” But when you look to the heart of it, you go wow, this guy is struggling with a lot and he goes to God when he struggles with stuff.

I try and make my songs like parables.

Jesus read parables, he talked in parables to people, and there's power in that creativity that actually no one understood, or some people understood that others had no clue what he was talking about. I guess I try and make my songs like parables.

I feel like God wants me to write songs that are for my friends who don't know God, so they can relate to them a bit more. 

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