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As We Are: About their single 'Paralyzed'

16th Jun 2021
Tags: Music News As We Are Rock

Illinois band As We Are released a new single on 10th October last year called “Paralyzed”, which has been added to our xRhythms playlist.

The single demonstrates the genre shift into the hardcore genre that is very different from the pop-punk stylings of their previous releases.

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Lead vocalist Dale talks about why the sound was leaning towards the heavier side, “I think that with the message we’re portraying now it needs to be brought forth more forcibly, and we honestly have just been gradually going that direction.”

He further talks about the intention behind the album and genre shift. “No one ever wants to go out and pave the way for anything,” he continues, “this album I believe is like a paving the way album. We wanted it to be bold and forceful.”

The band have been active for nearly 10 years having been formed in 2012 and, according to Dale, the band’s sound isn’t the only thing to have changed.

We used to care about all these things because our identity was in our music.

“We used to care ‘Oh my gosh what are people gonna think?’ We used to think if we didn’t play for two years we’d be like ‘Oh my gosh people are gonna forget who we are.’ We used to care about all these things because our identity was in our music and in our band. Our identity wasn’t in our purpose and our [higher] calling and what God has placed in us for a vision to do.”

To hear more about the work that As We Are do keep an eye out next week for a video interview with Dale discussing it all. Also, stay tuned for the release of the full album with “Paralyzed”.

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