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Trusting God with music making

1st Nov 2019
Tags: Music News Father God Musical Chris Howland Dance

Of the new wave of EDM producers and artists bringing a fresh new sound to the Christian message, one of the top people is New Jersey-based producer and remixer, Chris Howland.

On the xRhythms playlist single ‘Hiding Place’ he’s brought in Texas-based rapper Hyper Fenton and the emcee from Washington, Sajan Nauriyal, to create a rhythmic gem.

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Chris has a long background in music making.

He told Cross Rhythms, “I really started making music with computers when I was 13 years old."

Having a household computer was like a big thing.

"I got a little Casio keyboard for Christmas and a couple of years later the whole household got one computer because in those times having a household computer was like a big thing. It took me not too long to realise how to use a crummy computer mic, a little crummy Casio keyboard and make some crummy music.” 

Pivotal to Chris’ music making is a revelation he had about his lifestyle, which entailed spending day after day in a studio recording music.

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He explained, “Suddenly I thought 'Man, I'm not even trusting God, I'm just trusting my own ability to produce,' y'know, crank it out, output, make a product.

"At some point, you just have to say I'm going to do the best I can do and you just have to trust God to open whatever doors he wants." He acknowledged, "And if I fail this and if people don't like it then it's not even a failure, it's just God erecting it whatever way he will."

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