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Swedish singer HOPE healed by Jesus

25th Aug 2020
Tags: Music News Hope Pop

Swedish pop artist HOPE, whose songs "All Things New" and "There’s Hope For Me" you will have heard on xRhythms, is not just a singer.

Music that gives people joy.

HOPE is actually a project created in 2017 by husband and wife duo Joakim Sandström, producer, and Therése Sandström, HOPE’s face and singer/songwriter. Their aim is to create music that gives people joy, peace, hope, and purpose.

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The couple have always had a passion for music; they both started playing various instruments when they were children. Therése grew up listening to jazz, classical music, the best of the 60’s, and 90’s pop music, while her husband was more into rock.

They both decided to pursue a career in music and went to the Songwriters Academy of Sweden in Örnsköldsvik where they met in 2010.

Her relationship with God changed when she became ill.

In a YouTube video, Therése shares how her relationship with God changed when she became ill in 2013. She was diagnosed with chronic tension headache and fatigue syndrome (CFS), which is an illness that causes severe and disabling fatigue.

In the video, she explains that although she has believed in God her whole life, it wasn’t until she became ill that she realised she didn’t fully believe in God’s power to heal or perform miracles.

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This changed four years later when a pastor-friend of hers told her to sing to God. At that moment, she felt God with her and she felt him heal her from her illness. She has not been unwell since.

This experience cemented the duo’s faith and created a new mission for them in life and music: Show people God’s love through hope. They later set up their record label Light & Salt Records, through which they created HOPE.

HOPE will be launching a new podcast.

HOPE’s songs often explore their relationship with God in daily life and now, HOPE will be launching a new podcast ‘There's Hope’ in Swedish.

The podcast will include discussions about their relationship with Jesus, testimonies, thoughts, interviews with guests, and their everyday, supernatural life with God.

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