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Still Shadey's heavenly drill remix

19th Jul 2021
Tags: Music News Still Shadey Grime

Croydon native Still Shadey released the track “Heaven Remix” featuring Jo Joey and Melvillous on the 27th January this year. This track can be found now on our xRhythms playlist. 

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This is a remix of a previous Still Shadey track also called “Heaven” that was released in September 2020. This original song is more of a light-hearted R&B style one talking about how thoughts of his faith and Heaven have kept him going. 

The remixed version takes a darker turn as a drill track, reflecting the genre more with the darker tones and beat, exploring a more desperate side of the story, trying to find heaven in a world of turmoil and guilt. “I know a man doing life for a sentence/ He made his peace, he can still go Heaven.” 

The featured artists in this remix are also sensitive to the message, looking at human choices compared to faith choices within their world, “When I could have put arms in palms that day/ But I swear I lift my hands to the heavens”. 

The track successfully portrays both the good and the bad sides of people, but the faith undertones remain throughout.

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