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Seeing life from other people's point of view

18th Aug 2021
Tags: Music News Weathered Rock

American alt-rock band Weathered have been added to the xRhythms playlist with their tracks “Quick Tempered” and “Ghost Tape #10”, which were released on the 9th October and 20th November 2020, respectively. 

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The above track “Ghost Tape #10” appears to tackle the topic of addiction and social pressures and asking for a way out, “It all sounds like what my itching ears wanna hear /  So distract me from what keeps my conscience clear...”  

This Minneapolis based band have been described as alt-rock with a twist of emo sensibility and a flicker of optimism. Operating under the banner of Facedown Records, the band released their second album in October last year entitled ‘Everything All At Once’ after their first release in 2018 called “Stranger Here” to go alongside their collection of singles. 

I like writing about other people and from other points of view.

The band’s frontman Justin Heib has talked about the music of this second album and what the lyrics are saying on their website. “The lyrics were written over a 2-3 year period where a lot was changing and I was growing. I realised I like writing about other people and from other points of view. We just wanted to write the best songs possible, even if some of the songs seem like a departure from what we usually write. We wanted this record to have some unpredictability to it.”

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