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Rocking out online

26th Jun 2020
Tags: Music News Amongst Wolves Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Random Hero Rusty Shipp Rock

With lockdown only beginning to ease, it seems like forever since we’ve last been to a live music gig. Luckily for us, many festivals and concerts are moving online so we can enjoy great live music from our homes.

Among them is the virtual rock festival Contagion Fest 2020, which was live streamed on YouTube earlier this month.

Contagion Fest 2020
Image Credit: iChristianRock

It featured more than 30 artists over two days, including xRhythms artists Amongst Wolves, Rusty Shipp, Random Hero, and GFM.

Random Hero was one of the headliners for the first day with hits like ‘Tension’, ‘Outgrown’, and ‘Weight Of The World’ from their album Tension. You will have heard their song ‘Weight Of The World’ featured on xRhythms before.

GFM was one of the second day’s headliners.

GFM was one of the second day’s headliners and sang acoustic versions of their hits ‘Taking Over’, ‘RIP’, and ‘Can You Promise Me That This Will Never End’, which have also been xRhythms hits.

There was lots of excitement surrounding the event with bands asking for their fans’ to help select the songs for their sets. The fans were not disappointed by their performances and left comments such as: “That was cool, I’m glad I watched the whole thing”, and “I highly recommend watching it if you missed it” on YouTube and Instagram.

Rusty Shipp performed stripped-back, acoustic sets.

Amongst Wolves and Rusty Shipp performed stripped-back, acoustic sets while talking about the messages behind their songs and what inspired them.

Amongst Wolves played their xRhythms hit ‘Rabbit Hole’ and a couple of their new releases, ‘Golden’ and ‘Defender’. Rusty Shipp performed their hit single ‘Breaking Waves’ and other songs such as ‘Devil Jonah’ from their album ‘Mortal Ghost’.

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The event was announced on Instagram and hosted by Christian Rock X and iChristianRock. You can still watch day one of the festival on iChristianRock’s YouTube channel and day two on Christian Rock X’s Youtube channel.

Click here to watch Day one of Contagion Fest 2020

Click here to watch Day two of Contagion Fest 2020

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