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Rock royalty opened himself to faith

Image Credit: Jimmy Fontaine - Roadrunner Records Press

Josh Kinghorn, 11th Aug 2021
Tags: Music Blog Korn Rock

Founded in 1993, Korn became the frontrunner for the Nu Metal genre and have been producing music for over two decades. Of course, this band was one of those who truly lived out the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll stereotype, which the mainstream media lapped up. It didn’t take long for them to become rock royalty and one of the biggest metal bands in the modern era. 

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Then in 2003, guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch stepped away from the band announcing his new found Christian faith. Wild right? Though he isn’t the only one of them to do so. 

Independent of each other, both he and bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu decided they wanted to follow Jesus. Personally, I think it is absolutely incredible that two bandmates from a band that Christians have protested against would make the individual choice to do that. 

I'm going to be a different person.

Welch ended up getting baptised in Israel, in the river Jordan, and has talked about it in an interview with MTV news and how he heard God tell him. "God told me ... he didn't say, 'Hey Brian!' I just got a feeling in my heart that he was going to let me know something, I was going to be told something [in Israel]. Because the pastor is going to dunk me in the Jordan River, and when I come back here, I'm going to be a different person." 

Image Credit: DEAN KARR - Roadrunner Records Press

Welch has returned to Korn (he did it in 2013) and has been playing with them ever since and has continued a solo project called Love and Death which he began in February 2012.

What I will never regret though, is giving my entire being to Christ.

He has admitted to doing things that have damaged his family but continues to hold his faith in high regard. “[There] are … a few … fanatical decisions I made, and they did damage to Jennea (his daughter), and still affect her negatively in some ways to this day. What I will never regret though, is giving my entire being to Christ and I will share my story until the day I die.”

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