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Rap happy, rap good

Image Credit: Centricity Music Press

Josh Kinghorn, 6th Jul 2021
Tags: Music Blog Peabod Pop Rap

At xRhythms we are constantly looking out for new and interesting music to add to our playlists. This in turn gives me a personal advantage as a big listener as new music is crossing my path regularly, but it is so fun to go through and you never know what you can find.

You never know until you listen. Your stereotype of what you expect can actually prevent something good from reaching your ears.

Image Credit: Centricity Music Press

So when I get a list that features multiple tracks by one artist that is always the right place to start as there’s a lot of great options already laid out for me. This time it was definitely someone I’ve not heard of before in a genre I don’t touch on often.

It was truly fantastic to discover something outside of my regular purview.

Peabod, real name Isaac Peabody, is a singer-songwriter and Hip-Hop artist from Seattle in Washington State, USA and is signed to the label Centricity Music. His tracks “Love Everybody” ft Tedashii and “Big Feelings” ft Aklesso have been added to our playlist.

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Instantly I could see and hear that this guy was different. Hearing the tracks underneath his vocals definitely caught my attention. The level of detail put into them made the tracks sound interesting and non-monotonous, and the vocals over the top have natural flair and energy about them.

Peabod makes listening to the music he creates a fun experience for the listener, and that energy is matched in his videos.

His lyrical content is also incredible, and that definitely shines through in “Big Feelings”. He is able to talk about a struggle between the two sides demonstrated in the video, but the life and the energy still matches the Peabod sound.

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