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'Our society needs more hope-filled songs'

Image Credit: Switch

14th Apr 2020
Tags: Music News Switch Pop

There are more and more young people using pop and rock music to express their love for God.

Switch, a collective from Life.Church, are among some of those people.

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The band was created out of the student group at the church, which is also called Switch, and their song ‘Count Me In’ has been chosen for the xRhythms playlist.

The members of Switch are Cassidy Estevez, Rob Estevez, Ashton Wellman, and Luke Guevera.

It's our desire to make music that people can connect with.

In an interview with Timothy Yap on the Hallels website, they said, "We want to create hope-filled music that people want to listen to. Ultimately, it's our desire to make music that people can connect with and be encouraged to grow in their relationship with God… We're passionate about creating music that rises above the noise in people's everyday lives."

Switch at Life.Church
Image Credit: Switch

In the same interview, they acknowledged that there is “a real hunger for messages of hope and truth” in our society.

This has inspired their music, and we can see how the band shares a message of hope in the lyrics of ‘Count Me In’:

"With every breath
You are reviving these burning lungs
You keep me going when I can’t run
God be my strength till the work is done

I won’t let the race overtake me
Won’t let anxiety faze me
Whatever comes, count me in
Count me in
Oh, even when my legs are weary
I’m not gonna give up that easy
Whatever comes, count me in
Count me in"

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