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My thoughts on rap music

Josh Kinghorn, 15th Jun 2021
Tags: Music Blog Rap

Real talk guys. It’s no secret I’m not really a big fan of rap. You can probably tell that from the number of times I’ve written about rock and metal on here. 

I never thought about it much because I had music that I liked and if other people listened to other stuff then that’s their choice, I didn’t care. 

I believe I started to think about it more as I grew up both as a person and as a musician because I wanted to talk more about music.

Rap music
Image Credit: Giphy

The problem with that is I wanted to talk about my sort of music, which meant I’d only talk to those with the same taste as I had, and when other music came across my path I dismissed it immediately. Why? Because it didn’t sound like my music.

This happened a lot with rap, trap, drill and pop. I guess to some extent you could class Linkin Park as rap, but ask most people and they’d be classed as nu-metal. 

I mean I still don’t listen to it a lot if at all, but I reached a point where I was able to understand and appreciate what was happening with that sort of music, with how it’s produced and how people who enjoy it react to it.

I gained a greater respect for those genres.

I think I gained a greater respect for those genres I listened to when I started listening to Christian artists releasing and performing that sort of music. Especially when I started to go to Britain’s biggest Christian music festival: the Big Church Day Out.

Witnessing the party hype atmosphere that artists like LZ7, Andy Mineo and Guvna B (all on our xRhythms playlist) create on the main stage is incredible, with everyone in the pit at the front feeling the vibe and having a good time.

Guvna b
Image Credit: Ian Homer

All in all, the message and work that those guys are doing is reaching people of all types, which will always be a good thing. 

To present something that unites people in such a way is bound to create a conversation that is about more than just music. It doesn’t matter whether I like the music because I’m not necessarily the person they’re trying to reach.

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