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I just want to like myself

25th Oct 2019
Tags: Music News Identity Self-worth Elizabeth Grace Pop

Elizabeth Grace, from Richmond Hill, Georgia, is the latest signing to LA’s big Christian label, Dream Records.

Her music is described as “alternative/post hardcore”, and she’s been performing since she was 10 years old.

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Elizabeth has gone from choirs, 4-H bands, and church bands, to writing her first EP in 2014.  ‘When Everything's Disturbed’ was recorded with Lucio Rubino at Fish Tank Recordings. It consists of all self-written material and every kind of emotion she had on her mind.

Her videos have received hundreds of thousands of views.

Gaining her main audience from YouTube, her videos have received hundreds of thousands of views. Her music covers have been plugged by some high profile bands like Get Scared and RED. 

Elizabeth Grace’s influences include everyone from Flyleaf to Linkin Park. 

Her single is already an xRhythms hit.

Her first single for Dream Records is already an xRhythms hit. ‘Like Myself’ was written by Elizabeth and Ray Ervin, and was produced by Justin Amundrud.

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It’s a particularly memorable song with the singer admitting, “Lookin’ in the mirror. I wish that it was clearer. I wanna see myself the same way that you see me” before Elizabeth goes on to plead, “God, I need your help. Change the way that I see myself.”

A memorable song from a talented singer.

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