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Hollyn's ‘Bye, Sad Girl’ EP is out now

28th Oct 2019
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Hollyn Miller was the name she was born with, but it’s as Hollyn that the singer/songwriter from Waverly, Ohio has broken through to the Christian music scene. 

Her talent was first spotted by Toby McKeehan, otherwise known as recording star TobyMac. In fact, a couple of Hollyn’s co-written songs are on TobyMac’s ‘This Is Not A Test’ huge hit album. 

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Now Hollyn has released a six-song EP, ‘Bye, Sad Girl’, through Gotee Records, which is full of extremely personal songs.

One powerful song is ‘I Feel Bad For You’.

The EP is written to portray the emotions of what it looks like to have a broken heart. One particularly powerful song is ‘I Feel Bad For You’, which was co-written and produced by Cole Walawac (NF, Aaron Cole). 

“I often reflect on the times I’ve been alone and those moments when I was trying to figure it all out," shares Hollyn.

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In her album bio, she shared, "By sharing my story, my grief, my abandonment, my freedom, my thoughts, my emotions… I hope that might bring someone a sense of comfort that they've been waiting for. Because, you see, we are not alive to fix people’s problems, but to empower and love alongside them in the way they should go. If you, your friends or family struggle with mental health, emotional health or trauma - I pray this project meets you right where you're at whatever your situation is and that it brings you encouragement to keep taking steps towards freedom.”

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