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Guvna B’s deluxe album

Josh Kinghorn, 22nd Jul 2021
Tags: Music Blog Crime Guvna B Rap

There are a few ways that a deluxe edition of an album can be set. Often it can be just acoustic versions, remixes, or covers tagged on to the end of the standard release album. Sometimes released at the same time of the standard release and other times released later on. Other times it can be a couple of extra original tracks that they want to release but don’t have enough other material for another separate album.

However, there are times when an artist wants to expand on the story told on an album, often with other artists to give other perspectives or their own stories in association with the concept.

Guvna B
Image Credit: Giphy

This seems to be the case with Guvna B and his release of “Everywhere + Nowhere (Black Edition Deluxe)”. 

Talks about experiences in the London Inner City in association with crime.

The bonus tracks feature artists like Still Shadey, Wretch 32, and Tidez, and also features D Double E on the track “Very Original”, which talks about experiences in the London Inner City in association with crime and the hotspots of violence. “Told YG, ‘Gotta look out for the red dot’/
Wrong place, wrong time, bro, that’s your head gone (Pow!)

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At the end of the video there are some statistics about children and violent crime offences with a link to the charity Power the Fight that aims to end youth violence.

For me, this is actually pretty cool to witness because my life has been very different from the anecdotal tracks that have been put forward. And as I’ve said, having the featured artist can really cement the experiences they are putting forward in the track.

That on top of the stories on the album already just make that impact so much harder.

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