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Gil Joe's passion for Afrobeats

Image Credit: Gil Joe

6th Jan 2020
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Gil Joe is a gospel Afrobeat artist with a string of successes in his native country, Nigeria, following his decision to go solo in 2016.

Prior to this, he spent time learning his production skills and collaborating with Nigerian gospel artist Frank Edwards.

Gil Joe
Image Credit: Gil Joe Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

While many conservative Nigerian churches still frown upon Afrobeat, some churches are coming around to the fact that the Gospel is the Gospel despite the delivery method. 

As Gil said to Tony Cummings, “We try to let them know the beat has nothing to do the content.” 

They got to know Jesus through my music.

Gil also acknowledges the role his non-Christian fans have had in promoting his music: “A vast number of them have been supporting my music for a while.  A lot of them ring me up telling me how. . .they got to know Jesus through my music.”  That’s known as a win-win situation.

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Gil’s passion for gospel music is his driving force. “Before I gave my life to Christ I wasn’t really the typical gospel music fan.  I liked it but it wasn’t the kind of music that I vibed to daily.

"I discovered that during the day I don’t really want to listen to worship songs.  I want to listen to a good gospel content song with an upbeat sound.

I grew this passion for Afrobeat.

"There were some guys doing the Afrobeat thing but it wasn’t as great as I would have wanted it. When I started making music I grew this passion for Afrobeat; I started playing mine and that was how it all started.”  

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Afrobeat is now travelling far and wide into the tastes of a developing audience.

Said Gil, “I feel like it’s the best timing because the whole Afrogospel is also taking off. People are getting to know the genre so at the same time people are getting to know Christ through the genre.”

You'll hear Gil's songs 'Nobody' and 'Issa No' on xRhythms.

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