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'I gave up trying, then I found my inspiration'

Image Credit: Centricity Music records

30th Jan 2020
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America’s Christian music scene has produced many quality singer/songwriters over the years. One of the very best is California-based songsmith Jordan Feliz. 

His xRhythms hits 'Changed', 'Faith', 'Count That High', 'All Alone', and '180', come from his album ‘Future’.

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After signing with Centricity Records in 2015, his debut ‘Beloved’ reached 22 in the US Christian charts, and his 2006’s ‘The River’ was an even bigger hit.

This success brought a chance to tour all over the US. But it also brought a great deal of pressure to make a successful new album.

Stress made it difficult to write this record.

He told Cross Rhythms, “Anxiety and stress made it difficult to write this record. I was like, 'Man, am I ever going to be able to do this?'

"The moment that I realised, honestly, that it didn't matter what I could do with my own strength - I could write the best songs I could ever write but it ultimately would achieve nothing, it would have nothing to do with my future - that was one of the biggest things for me.

I learned to give up, and found inspiration.

"The moment I learned that I could give it up, and the Lord would just take it - I could literally do whatever and just listen - that's when I truly found inspiration.

"I felt like the Lord really poured these songs out, and here they are." 

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One could say that the overall theme of ‘Future’ is found in the Bible instruction “Do not worry”. Jordan admitted that to face life without worrying was tough.

"It's really hard, and I think it's because of the way that we're wired. If I told you, 'Stop worrying about your finances - for the rest of your life,' that would be a feat for 99% of our population. You can't just give it up, but we totally can, we just choose not to.

We want our hands in everything, but it's not needed.

"It's so difficult, because we want our hands in everything; but it's not our hands that's needed. That's when we find out what true freedom looks like, we find faith.

"Jesus is in this, and I've got my hands out of it. No matter what I do, he's going to be my provider. As long as I'm a good steward, and as long as I'm a hard worker, he's going to do the rest. He's going to be the one that tells me how to manage my finances."

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