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The first step to healing is confession

Image Credit: Sarah Reeves

5th Jan 2021
Tags: Music News Anxiety Mental health Sarah Reeves Pop

2020 was a good year for the Alabama, US, singer-songwriter Sarah Reeves. She received over 15.1 million streams on Spotify alone, with over 2.8 million listeners.

She’s been in the music industry since 2009 when she released her EP ‘Sweet Sweet Sound’, and last year during the lockdown she released her latest album ‘Life Love & Madness’. 

The album features songs such as “Anxious” and “Dance To It”, both are featured on the xRhythms playlist.

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Upon the release of “Anxious”, Reeves shared, “Early this year, I experienced anxiety more than I ever have before. I couldn’t always articulate why or what triggered it, but fear would come over me and it was crippling. It was a fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of people not liking me...just fear, panic and lies. I would isolate myself and let my mind become the devils playground. 

“I don’t consider myself an anxious person, but I had a taste of what so many people battle daily."

This world can be a nasty place, but don’t let the negativity rule you.

“The first step to healing is confession", she continues, "This is a confession song. If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I pray you can acknowledge these lies and know that you can and will overcome it! This world can be a nasty place, but don’t let the negativity rule you. I hope this song can bring healing and help you know that you are not alone.”

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