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Fireflight: Reigniting the spark

Image Credit: Press release

30th Jun 2021
Tags: Music News

Floridian rock band Fireflight have released their track “Ready For More” on the 22nd of October last year, and has been added to our xRhythms playlist, alongside their tracks “For Those Who Wait” and “Unbreakable”. 

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The single was released the day before the band dropped the album 'Who We Are: The Head and The Heart', and was the opening track for the first half of that release. This album comes after a five year hiatus and is closer to their rock origins after their previous release ventured into the world of electronica. On the band’s website they describe it as “a powerful and timely identity statement.” 

The band’s vocalist, Dawn Michele discusses on their website about returning to recording and publishing music after such a long time away from the scene. ““We said ‘let’s create another record, this time with our support coming from a label that’s independent, a label that’s created for artists by artists,’” she recalls. “It’s a totally different experience being able to create under those circumstances. I think it reignited the spark for us.” 

“Keep Your Head Up” talks about their belief that God is always there when we need help.

This two part album is also filled with a lot of faith based lyrical content. Their track “Keep Your Head Up” talks about their belief that God is always there when we need help. The lyrics read, “through it all you’re never going to walk alone, I’ll take every step, every fall, by your side.”

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