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Celebrate the New Year with Justin Bieber

8th Dec 2020
Tags: Music News Justin Bieber Christmas

If you have been following xRhythms for a while, you know that Justin Bieber has been featured multiple times on our playlist. His album ‘Changes’ and single “Holy”, featuring Chance the Rapper, are some of the latest additions. 

Now, he’s teamed up with T-Mobile to host a livestream concert and kick off the New Year.

People around the world can tune into the performance. Tickets can be purchased on the Moment House website, and the show is taking place on Friday 1st January 2021 at 3:15am (GMT).

As well as sharing about his upcoming performance, the artist has been very vocal on his Instagram about his faith.

God loves people.

He has shared numerous posts about how God loves people in the last couple of months. On one of his latest posts he said, “Jesus rose from the dead just as he promised, taking on the sins of humanity. Believing and receiving this reality changes everything. The way you live, the way you love! Accepting his free gift of forgiveness allows you to live a life FREE from guilt and shame! A life not based on your performance. This is good news.”

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He concluded his post by saying, “Although people have failed me, Jesus never has.”

We celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

These messages are very timely with the season of Christmas coming up, where we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

As mentioned in Justin’s post, the purpose of Jesus’ coming to earth was to take on the sin of humanity, love us, and set us free. That all started on the "silent night" when he was born in a manger.

This message may be something good to reflect on this holiday as you are with your friends and family.

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