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Boys, Boys, Boys

27th Jun 2019
Tags: Music News Jamie Grace Pop

A much loved oldie you’ll hear on xRhythms is 'Do Life Big' by Grammy-nominated Jamie Grace. 

Since she recorded that in 2014, Jamie has been very busy. Having signed with TobyMac’s label Gotee in 2010, she quickly found success and reached number three in the US Christian chart with her 2014 album ‘Ready To Fly’, which also reached 32 in the mainstream US chart. 

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Following this, in 2015 she released her best-selling book 'Boys, Boys, Boys: Thoughts On Dating From A Single (Since Birth) Girl', in which she airs her opinions and advice about being single. She has now independently re-published this book.

I’m single because I am choosing to wait.

Wrote Jamie in her original book, “I’m single because I choose to be. I’m single because I’m waiting. I’m single because I am choosing to wait.”

The book grew out of her viral YouTube video 'Boys, Boys, Boys', which currently has nearly 500,000 views. The overall message of the book is that “I know the creator of my heart already has my husband picked out, so I’m not gonna spend every Friday and Saturday night trying to find him myself”. 

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In April 2018, Jamie’s prayers were answered and she married the man God had picked out, Aaron Collins. Her book and advice still ring true. One of the many questions covered by her book is whether you should be sleeping with your boyfriend before you get married.

Wait it out.

Last year, Jamie recorded the song 'Wait It Out', which powerfully answers that question. The lyrics go, “All the girls with no ring on their finger / Wait it out, 'cause we can, yes, we can.”

Jamie reflects upon the difficulties of remaining single in a world of girls dating and getting into relationships. But she sings, “stay single, team single/And it ain’t ‘cause I don’t wanna mingle.”

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She embodies positivity in this attitude towards a single life, singing “One day, I’ll be riding with my bae, crowding with my baby / But today I’ll be singing with my girls, singing with my ladies.”

They are expecting their first child.

Jamie's setting one example of how singleness and the wait for your life-long partner can be a positive experience. The star and her husband Aaron are now celebrating, as they are expecting their first child.  

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