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Being open to discuss hardships through music

26th Jul 2021
Tags: Music News Gabriel Conte Pop

Floridian Actor and Youtuber Gabriel Conte released his single “Belong” on the 19th November 2020 and has been added to our xRhythms playlist.

This track was released on Youtube the day before he dropped his debut album, of which “Belong” is the title track.

Gabriel currently has 1.83 million subscribers on his personal channel.

Originally becoming famous in the now defunct platform Vine, beginning to post on the platform in 2013, Gabriel currently has 1.83 million subscribers on his personal channel and 3.19 million subscribers on his shared channel with his wife Jess.

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In the track “Belong” Gabriel puts forward his feelings in his battle with depression and how his faith in God has helped him through it, “No, I wasn't okay/ I was about to break/ I was lost and discarded/ But you pulled me from grey/ Took me from yesterday/ I belong where your heart is”.

Having my faith really kept me anchored.

Talking with American Songwriter he opens up more about what his faith means to him and how it has influenced his writing processes, “You can lose yourself so quickly…having my faith really kept me anchored in the sense of, if I was ever drifting toward one thing or another that wasn’t truly me, or what I stood for, I was able to check myself.”

Conte has also said that he is looking to continue to pursue music in his life, saying “I would love to develop myself even more as a musician.”

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