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All God’s children

Image Credit: Tim Tebow Foundation

12th Jan 2021
Tags: Music News Tauren Wells Pop R&B

The Texas-based Christian pop-rock and R&B artist, Tauren Wells, has been featured multiple times on the xRhythms playlist with popular tracks such as “Known” and “Love Is Action”. Now, his latest single, “All God’s Children”, comes with a special message.

Wells has used his song to team up with the American professional baseball player, Tim Tebow, to raise money for Tebow’s foundation to end human trafficking. All the proceeds from the single will benefit the foundation.

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Tebow first started his foundation in 2010, and their mission is to “bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

When talking about their fight against human trafficking, they report, “It has been estimated that as often as every two minutes around the world, a life is being bought and sold as if it were merely a commodity to be traded. Human beings – image bearers of God – are being captured, exploited, and bound as modern-day slaves.

“The exact numbers are hard to track, often inconsistent, and presumably underreported, yet they are a global reality steadily trending higher at an alarming pace.”

Third party content may contain adverts beyond the control of xRhythms

To launch the campaign with the single, Wells and Tebow ran a 24-hour challenge encouraging people to pray and donate towards the cause. 

Though the challenge might have ended, the fight against human trafficking still continues. People can get involved in their foundation by joining their ‘Rescue Team’ and support the fight.

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